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Best Mother’s Day Activities to Try With Her

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Mothers play an important role in everyone’s lives. Mothers are the core pillars in their children’s lives, as they teach them, guide them at every step, and always support them in their difficult times. So making them feel special about their day is a gesture to make them really happy. To do so, Mother’s Day is celebrated to let your mother know how much you love her. It is a day celebrated to appreciate the hard work and dedication of each and every mother.

There are a whole lot of ways in which you can celebrate Mother’s Day with your mother and grandmother. From simple gestures like wishing them through text messages to exciting and thrilling activities like planning outdoor adventures for them, there are a lot of activities you can try together to demonstrate your love for her that will help you strengthen your bond with her. These small gestures will make her feel like the queen of the house, which she is in charge of.

To make it convenient for you to make the right move, here is a curated list of the best activities that you can try with your mother to fill her day with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

History of Mother's Day

In most of the nations across the globe, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. The first time Mother’s Day was celebrated in the US was by Anna Maria Jarvis. She wanted a day to be celebrated to honour the immense sacrifices made by mothers for their children. And after her mother passed away in 1905, she worked hard to celebrate Mother’s Day as a tradition. The main reason behind this thought was to express love, gratitude, and appreciation towards mothers. Some upcoming mothers day dates are likewise

Year Date
2024 May 12, 2024
2025 May 11, 2025
2026 May 10, 2026
2027 May 9, 2027

Activities To Make Her Day Special

There are a lot of activities that you can plan with your mother to make their day special. From simple gestures like wishing her through text messages to planning parties for her, you can try all to give her the most premium feeling on their special day. Listed below are some of the top activities that you can try with your mother.

1) Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

Serving breakfast in bed is one of the oldest traditions that you can go with to wish your mother on her special day. You can simply cook her favourite dish or even order it and serve it to her. Imagine yourself holding a tray of delicious breakfast and hot coffee at the time she wakes up. She will be surprised and happy to see you like this. Giving her breakfast in bed is one of the most luxurious ways to treat her on her special day.

2) Visit A Park / Garden

Visit A Park Garden

Whether your mother is a nature lover or an adventure seeker, this Mother’s Day, plan a trip to her favourite place. Visiting a botanical park with your mother can be a great idea for relaxing and exploring the natural beauty of the surroundings. But if your mother is a thrill and adventure seeker, you can visit theme parks and amusement parks to have some fun and spend quality time there. Take your mother to her favourite place so that she feels special and loved.

3) Plan A Photo Shoot

Plan A Photo Shoot

You can plan a photo shoot with your mother to capture some special moments and create everlasting memories. You can conduct a themed photo shoot based on her personality and interests. Don’t forget to select a perfect background and some essential props that can make your photo shoot more cherished and memorable. You can even add some snacks and music and enjoy this quality time together.

Pro Trip:

Consider these photographers to hire for Mother’s Day photo shoots.

4) Watch Her Favorite Movies

Sitting down and watching her favourite movie is a small and cute gesture that can be done to make her feel more loved and express gratitude. Whether your mother loves to watch horror, comedy, or romantic films, you can wait for her to select her favourite one. You can plan a late-night movie show and create a theatre-like feeling at home by dimming the lights and adding some popcorn.

5) Gift Her Something Special

Gift Her Something Special

On this Mother’s Day, you can give something special to her that showcases your love, appreciation, and gratitude towards her. You can gift her gadgets, like a fitness tracker and wireless headphones, which she can easily use while she is working. Besides this, you can even gift her books, clothes, and jewellery as per her taste. Along with this, if your mother is a pet lover, then you can gift her a puppy or kitten, whatever she is fond of.

6) Take A Flower Arranging Class

Flower Arranging Class

To make Mother’s Day more creative and unique, you can book a flower arrangement class or opt for a virtual one, whichever suits you. You can take these classes together so that you can learn more about the different flowers and design techniques. You can make beautiful flower bouquets and give them to your mother. This is an interesting and relaxing activity that you should definitely try with your mother. If you are living in Australia and want the best and top florists around you, you can consider these florists to get same day or online delivery at your doorstep.

7) DIY A Craft

DIY A Craft

You can make a creative and unique DIY for your mother. It is a fun-loving and interesting activity that you can do together to spend some quality time together. There are a lot of options that you can make as per your skills. You can gift her some cards, paintings, homemade photo frames, unique and interesting paper gifts, and a lot more. All these gestures will show your love and care for her.

8) Enjoy A Tea Party

Enjoy A Tea Party

To spend some quality time together, you can plan a tea party at snack time. Make your mother’s favourite beverage, which can either be tea or coffee, and also add her snack items like sandwiches, cakes, and cookies to your tea party. If your mother loves nature, then you can plan an outdoor tea party where you can explore the stunning beauty of nature, or you can simply have an indoor party and spend some quality time together.

9) Bake Dessert Together

Bake Dessert Together

Baking a dessert together is an interesting and fun-loving indoor activity that you can try this Mother’s Day. It is a chance to show some creativity in the kitchen and bake some interesting and delicious desserts like cake, chocolate puddings, and cookies whatever is your mother’s favourite. Get all the preparations done in advance, like collecting ingredients and essential things, so that you can completely enjoy your baking process.

10) Plan An Outing

Plan An Outing

To get more mesmerising and leisure time with your mother, you can plan an outing at a chosen location. It might include an outing to one of the best beaches, a picnic at the park, or your own backyard, whichever suits you the best. Don’t forget to take some delicious delights like sandwiches, fruits, refreshing drinks, and home-cooked food on your way out. This will give you more enjoyable and everlasting memories.

11) Cook A Family Recipe

Cook A Family Recipe

You will find that every family has a special dish that is cooked on special occasions. Usually this dish has been cooked for generations and usually follows their signature recipe. You can help your mum cook the most delicious food and enjoy the kitchen time. Cooking together is an interesting activity that you can explore together by learning and experimenting with the recipes and making some new memories in the kitchen.

12) Go Wine Tasting

Go Wine Tasting

If your mother is a wine enthusiast, one of the best activities that you can try this Mother’s Day would be to sip wine with her. For it, you can search for a local winery or go out to a wine shop to taste some of the best wines. You can also grab your mother’s favourite bottles at home. Sipping together with your mother makes it a more fun-loving activity, and hence you can spend some leisure time together.

13) Make a Spa Appointment

Make a Spa Appointment

You can book a spa appointment for your mother to get more relaxed and chilled out, or you can even plan a home spa for your mother to give her a more premium treatment on Mother’s Day. You can make her day more special by booking a luxurious massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure treatment. All these efforts made by you will give her a complete self-care treatment and will help her feel more refreshed and stress-free.

14) Dance With Her

Dance With Her

Dancing is another enjoyable and interesting activity that you can do with her. You can select your mother’s favourite songs and make a playlist out of those songs so that she can enjoy them to the fullest. Dancing with her to her favourite songs is the best way to show your love and care for her. By dancing and enjoying each other, you can spend some quality time together and create everlasting memories.

15) Enjoy Board Games

Enjoy Board Games

You can also enjoy some classic board games with your mother that will refresh her childhood memories. Board games are the most interesting activities that you can enjoy together since they will always lead to some moments of laughter and enhance your bond. There are a variety of board games available, so pick your mother’s favourite one so that she can enjoy it the most.


There are a lot of activities you can enjoy with your mother on this special occasion. From giving her breakfast in bed to gifting her something special or watching her favourite movie, the options are endless. No matter which activity you select to celebrate her special day, what matters most is that you spend quality time with them and show your love and care for them.

You can make this day special by selecting everything based on her interests, since this will add more meaning to your celebration. So put on your thinking cap, select the best activity from the list, and make this mother’s memory memorable for her.

Frequently Asked Questions

To impress your mother this Mother’s Day, you can do all those activities that can make her feel truly special and loved. You can start her day by preparing a delicious breakfast and serving it in bed. To show your creativity, you can make some handmade cards and photo frames; this will show your feelings and add a personal touch to them. Then you can bake some cake and dance with her to make her day memorable.

To make your mum feel really special, you can plan a small party for her and gather her friends and family. This will make her feel loved and admired. After this, you can also plan a surprise photo shoot for her to capture some of the best moments. In addition to this, you can gift her the flowers she likes, book her a spa appointment, go wine tasting with her, and watch her favourite movies. All these small gestures will make her feel special and loved.

To have fun with your mother you can enjoy indoor activities like playing board games, dancing, or having a home spa. You can also try cooking, and baking different dishes with her through this you will be able to learn new things. You can even watch movies and comedy shows together. The most important thing to keep in mind is to spend quality time together irrespective of the activity chosen.

When it comes to taking your mother out, you can choose her favourite places. If your mother is a thrill lover, you can take her to amusement parks and have fun together. But if your mother is a nature lover, take her to parks and botanical gardens where she can enjoy the stunning views and stroll around. You can even take her shopping and buy her some of her clothes, jewellery, or other favourite things.

Mothers usually like gestures that make them feel special and loved. They like things that have a personal touch to them, like getting handmade cards, photo frames, jewellery, or paintings. Spending quality time with your mother is another important thing that you can do to make her feel loved and make precious memories together.

One of the best things to gift a new mother would be a customised bracelet or necklace that has her child’s name embedded on it. You can even give her different clothing apparels, mugs, and bags that depict some gestures that will help her embrace the feeling of being a new mother.

Some of the sweet words that you can use for your mum are “mommy,” “mother,” “mom,” “mama,” or “ma.” By using these words, you can show your love, affection, gratitude, and care towards her.

The best lines for mothers are “You are the best mum”, “We love you,”  “May you live long,”  “Thank you for everything,”  “Mum, I love you,”  “Keep showering your love,”  and “Keep serving us delicious and tasty food.”.

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